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September 23, 2015

Well through out this whole cancer journey I have found out who are my friends.  I’ve had people from HS come out of the woodwork to support me and I’ve had my BF fall off the earth and she has not talked to me in months.  I would maybe get a text once a month if I was lucky asking how I was.  I know she works two jobs and is busy with the hood rat but it does not take more than 5 seconds to send a text that says hello how are you.  She didn’t come to my wedding but did send a text.  I just really don’t know where I stand with her.  I feel I’ve always been there for her but now when I needed my friend she was not there for me.  I understand she is trying to support her family, I get that I really do, but again 5 seconds to type hello.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with this friendship.  I think I will just let it slowly pass to another stage.  I guess we just grew apart or she got tired of me telling her what an ass I think this guy is.  He has treated her badly and she puts it back on her that she deserved it.  I don’t know but I can’t worry about it anymore.  I love her and always will but I guess our time is just meant to be apart right now.

Let’s move on shall we

May 7, 2015 Going to try freebies and such

treatment 4 day 5

October 19, 2014

well well well.  I had a hospital stay for 5 days due to infection in my port, had my port pull out and a picc put in.  Picc is doing well but I hate it.  This cycle is kicking my ass.  I’m tired and getting a bit dizzy on day 5.  run are back on day 5 after treatment and the shot still sucks balls.  I’m still holding up well just beat.  Not liking the beat part.  I did do some house work today so that’s a start.  I feel fine just tired.  only 2 more treatments to go

Treatment 2 day 5

August 31, 2014

Well the runs are back again. Not to bad this time. I think it might be cause I’ve been drinking coffee instead of Dew. Coffee always gives me the runs. I feel MUCH better today. My port does not hurt as bad. It seems my port hurts for like 3 days after the shot. Today I’m going to go up to mom’s for my bday, just waiting for imdium to kick in. So far so good. 4 more left to go.

treatment 2 day 3 Thursday

August 28, 2014

well chemo went well.  I feel better this time than last time.  My heartburn is not as bad, the bone pain on the day after the shot is not to bad but it’s early yet.  I did get some pain pills if it gets to much for me.  Took one last night and wow they are strong.  My belly is ok so far, it feels like I might get the runs so I’m taking my fiber, probiotic and two imduim in the am just in case.  I’ll do the imudom for a few days.  I had to shave my head pretty short, so now I wear my halo wig, it’s not to bad.  Things are going well Thank God.  I praise god for helping me through this.  I will be a walking testimate to his power.  I will survive this and it will be because of mind,  body and soul.  I need to get all three aligned so I can be a walking testatmite.  Ok time to work.

Day 9

August 12, 2014

Well I figured out what the runs were from.  they were from the antibiotics they gave me before my port was put in.  DUH Lisa LOL. SO the nurse said get some probiotic and I should be good to go.  I’m so happy it was not milk.  I also blew my nose today and got a bloody nose, they said it’s from being so dried out.  So humidifier it is.  The nurse kept saying the runs are not part of my treatment LOL.  I dawned on my this morning that’s what it was from.  I’m super happy now.  So of at lunch to get what i need.

Day 5

August 8, 2014

Day 5 is not to bad.  I slept pretty good.  the key is vicodiane, ativian, soma.  It was really nice.  I woke up feeling better today.  Heartburn i can take zantec 150 x 2 which is awesome, I think once i’m able to get under control I’ll be good.  I’m tired still and hope that goes away soon.  things overall are not bad, just need to get used to be so tired.  We are going camping today so that should be fun.  I hope all goes well with that.  Well day 5 at night SUCKED.  It seems I get the runs at night.  I think it’s lactose intolerance maybe?  I had it really bad friday, took enough imodiuam to choke a horse, then took stuff saturday and only had a little at night.  Had a milk shake on day 7 and i’m runnin again.

Day 4

August 7, 2014

Well the morning of day for sucks donkey balls.  I’m a bit constipated but i can live.  My big thing is the achy, not liking that at all.  It’s in my thighs, knees and hips.  It’s not sure bad but makes it hard to sleep.  I think that’s my biggest thing is I’m tired but not sleeping a solid night.  Camping tomorrow.  I hope I can do it.  I know I can do it.

Day 3 ouch

August 6, 2014

Well day three sucks. the shot makes me achey which is ok but blah.  I’m tired but nothing to major.  Advil is not really helping the bone pain so I may talk to them about something a bit stronger.  I mean I’m not diying but I’m uncomfortable.  I’m looking forward to camping this weekend.

treatment day 2

August 5, 2014

Ok went and got my white blood cell stimulator shot today.  that wasn’t bad.  the only real side effect I’m having today is freaking heartburn that won’t quite.  Starting taking pepcid along with all my other shit I have to take.  I’m tired but I think that’s more because I was up early with a steroid headache at 5am and didn’t go back to sleep.  I did some early morning running around and got tired about noon but pushed on.  Took at nap at 3;30.  stomach feels good and so do I.  So as long as I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with steroid headache I think day 2 will be good for me to go to work until I have to get my shot, so it will be an early day.